when i call you beautiful

know it’s more than just your face

i’m interested in.

when i say you’re beautiful

i mean it from your heart toward the light.

your skin, while aligned perfectly

over your bones

stretched without a flaw

will fade with time.

the road of life will leave it’s tracks

upon your face

for all to see.

a map of where you’ve been

edges faded to where you might

go next.

when i repeat you’re beautiful

know i see where you’ve come from.

i see your heart listening in the brightness of

your eyes.

i hear your dreams in the softness of

your voice

i feel your soul in the gentleness of

your touch.

beautiful is a word of how one sees

eloquent artistry,

delicate spirits,

or profound delight.

So know when I name you beautiful,

it’s because i have no other word to

describe your divinity.

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